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The History of Cheerleading

Cheerleading  began back in the late 1800's when fans began yelling encouragement to the football players on the field.  Soon, student Leaders decided to organize the yells, and Princeton University is credited with being the first site of a spirited fan led "Yell."  

Cheerleading today is so NOT like

the teams of the 70's or 80's!


Today, tumbling, pyramids, stunts, and sophisticated choreography have necessitated even more serious athletic skill development and training.  Besides leading thousands of spectators in cheering on their sports teams, cheerleaders have also developed an exciting style-a mixture of showmanship and advanced athletic skills of their own, resulting in breathtaking competition performances that are judged on their own merit. 

Cheerleading and dance competitions in the USA now take place every weekend from July till May, with both national and international events to choose from.




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